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  1. cea59e0 Some features use outdated, non-shared licenses by Marc-Andre Laperle · 5 months ago master
  2. 336125f Bug 509506 - Move Activator of to Util method by Lars Vogel · 5 months ago
  3. a2199b1 Bug 509510 - [CSS Spy] Allow to disable that the CSS spy follows the UI by Lars Vogel · 5 months ago
  4. c7e3b67 Fixed ignore to ignore any 'bin' directory by Andrey Loskutov · 2 years, 2 months ago
  5. da4676d Revert "Bug 501418 - Replace SubProgressMonitor in CssSpyPart of the e4 tools " by Lars Vogel · 7 months ago

Repository for the additional tools to analyse and develop Eclipse based applications. Currently this repo hosts mainly the “spies”, which allows to analyse different parts of an Eclipse application.

How to build

Use the following command to build the components in this repository.

mvn clean verify