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#Eclipse 4diac FORTE

Eclipse 4diac(TM) FORTE is a run-time environment for executing IEC 61499 control applications developed with 4diac IDE. 4diac FORTE is written in C++ and highly portable. It can be compiled for many different operating systems and especially targets embedded systems like PLCs.


Eclipse 4diac IDE is licensed under an EPL 2.0.


We use contribution policy, which means we can only accept contributions under the terms of Eclipse Contributor Agreement.

Building 4diac FORTE

Standard POSIX build

cd bin/posix

Resetting CMake files

In case you ran CMake with invalid options it might help to reset the CMake state by deleting CMake intermediate files:

rm -Rf CMakeCache.txt CMakeFiles/

Building a local RPM

For building local RPMs you can use (tito)[]

tito build --test --rpm

Building 4diac FORTE for Other systems

Detailed information on how to build 4diac FORTE for the different supported operating systems and hardware platforms can be found in our Installation Documentation


Issue/bug trackers