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APP4MC AMALTHEA Headless SystemC Transformation Tool
Launch via executable jar
java -jar amlt2systemc.jar ...
Transformation configured via Properties file:
[-p, --properties <file>] [-w, --workingDirectory <dir>]
Transformation configured via parameter:
[-o, --output <dir>] [-m, --m2m <keys>] [-t, --m2t <keys>] [-A<key-value>] <directory>
-p, --properties The Properties file that should be used to configure the transformation.
If the properties option is not set, the input needs to be provided as parameter.
-w, --workingDirectory The working directory. Used to resolve file parameters in the Properties file in a relative manner. [optional].
-o, --output The directory in which the output should be generated. Only interpreted if --properties is not set. [optional].
If not provided the output directory defaults to <input_directory>/result.
-m, --m2m Comma separated list of m2m transformation keys [optional].
If not provided and no m2t transformation keys are set, all available m2m transformations will be executed.
-t, --m2t Comma separated list of m2t transformation keys [optional].
If not provided and no m2m transformation keys are set, all available m2t transformations will be executed.
-A Option to provide additional transformation specific properties. [optional].
Need to be provided in the key=value format.
-h, --help, /? Show this help.
directory The directory that contains model files to transform
Available M2M transformations:
Available M2T transformations: