date: 2021-04-30 title: “APP4MC - Release 1.1.0 published” categories: [“news”] slug: “2021-04-30-release-1-1-0”

We released a new version of APP4MC with a couple of new features and improvements.

Extract of APP4MC 1.1.0

Model handling

Model migration support (1.0.0 -> 1.1.0)


Improved handling of models in the Amalthea Model Editor
- model loading on demand
- faster loading of (large) models
- improved resolution of cross-file references

Reduced dependencies of the Amalthea model
(allows easier use in non Eclipse environments)

Removed "Amalthea no-load nature"
(no longer required because of model loading on demand)

New visualization of scheduler mapping

New APP4MC.sim validations

Several bug fixes

Recommended Java runtime is Java 11. Minimum is Java 8 (with limitations if JavaFX is not included).

Further details