date: 2017-01-31 title: APP4MC - Release 0.7.2 published slug: “2017-01-31_release_0-7-2” categories: [“news”]

The 1st official release of APP4MC is published. All IP checks are finally done and the official release review successfully passed. We implemented some new features and enhancements according to project and user given requirements.

Further information and entire list of changes can be found in the APP4MC online help or after platform installation

Extract of APP4MC 0.7.2

Model handling

Model migration support (0.7.1 -> 0.7.2)
Improved back references

Model changes

New core-specific runtimes (instructions) for runnables
New model elements for streaming communication (Channels)*
New Transmission Policy for communication (e.g. label accesses)
New Event-based Stimulus
New Data Consistency needs
New Counters for InterProcessActivation and EventStimulus
Harmonized model elements to describe probability
Storage of common elements (e.g. tags) in one central location

Bug fixes / Improvements

Model migration (ISR call graph, Section names, cross document references)
Back references (Memory -> Mapping, Scheduler -> CoreAllocation)


New model elements: Physical memory sections, Channels
New examples
  • = Experimental feature (first modeling attempt that may change in future versions).

For details see Release 0.7.2 issues