date: 2017-04-28 title: APP4MC - Release 0.8.0 published slug: “2017-04-28_release_0-8-0” categories: [“news”]

We released a new version of APP4MC with a couple of new features and improvements.

Extract of APP4MC 0.8.0


Model changes (mainly to simplify handling)
Improved tooling: model utilities
New UI components: Multicore Wizard, Task-Visualizer (draft version)

Model handling

Model migration support (0.7.2 -> 0.8.0)

Model changes / Improvements

Simplified model handling: Mapping Model, Modes, Time
New classifiers to annotate Core and Memory
Reworked Property Constraints
Extended OS Overheads

For details see [Release 0.8.0 issues] (