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AspectJ has a multi module maven build. Although various modules produce intermediate results, the key artifacts at the end of the build are:

  • aspectjrt - the AspectJ runtime
  • aspectjweaver - the AspectJ weaver
  • aspectjtools - the AspectJ compiler

These are the artifacts published to maven central for each release. In addition there is an installer that can be run with java -jar to install AspectJ onto Windows/Mac/Linux. This installer is produced by the installer sub module.

In the root of a cloned AspectJ simply run:

./mvnw clean install

This will build all the modules, run all the tests and install the key artifacts in your local repository.

Running the tests in eclipse

Once you have imported all the projects using m2e, close the org.eclipse.jdt.core project (TOBEFIXED), then there is a special module called run-all-junit-tests and within that a RunTheseBeforeYouCommitTests class that can be run with the JUnit launcher. This will execute all the tests in each module plus the compiler tests in the tests module. When you close org.eclipse.jdt.core you might need to do a maven refresh on the run-all-junit-tests project.

Setting version for release:

mvn versions:set -DgroupId=org.aspectj -DartifactId=* -DoldVersion=1.9.3.BUILD-SNAPSHOT -DnewVersion=1.9.3