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<title>${} Update Site</title>
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<h2 class="title">${} - Use this URL in Eclipse to install ${}</h2>
<p>This is the Update Site for ${}.
<li>To install ${} from this site, start up Eclipse, then do:
<ul><code><strong>Help > Install New Software... ></strong></code></ul>
<li>Copy this site's URL into Eclipse, and hit Enter.</li>
<li>When the site loads, select the features to install, or click the <code><strong>Select All</strong></code> button.</li>
<li>To properly resolve all dependencies, check
<ul><code><strong>[x] Contact all update sites during install to find required software</strong></code></ul>
<li>Click <code><strong>Next</strong></code>, agree to the license terms, and install.</li>