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Defining Target Platforms

We are using the TPD editor for target platforms which can be found at It currently only works in Eclipse versions >= 2018.09, but can generate target definitions for any Eclipse platform.

It allows defining target definitions with a DSL and generating .target files from them automatically. During the generation, the latest versions of the selected features are selected and added to the definitions.

We are following a scheme that is used by some other Eclipse projects, e.g., EASE.

Building and developing

Tycho will use the file for builds. This file has to be manually overridden when a new target platform has been created.

When developing, any of the target platforms can be used by first generating a target definition and then setting it as the current target platform. This allows developers to check compatibility in different Eclipse versions.

Available targets

  • Neon.tpd - original platform for which Capra was developed
  • Oxygen.tpd
  • 2018-09.tpd - latest build platform