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CBI Examples

This repo contains example code that is used as an example to using the CBI infrastructure at Eclipse. This repo contains an example Eclipse plugin which is used to create an example feature and example p2 repository. The parent pom.xml file contains an example pom configuration that covers the basic fields required to upload the built artifacts to as well as sign the code using Eclipse infrastructure.

Building CBI Examples

Simply run:

mvn clean verify

If building on Hudson / HIPP at Eclipse you can also sign the build by passing the ‘release’ profile:

mvn clean verify -Prelease

Creating a Hudson job

The following steps will create a Hudson job that does signing and uses the promoted builds plugin to do build promotion to the CBI project's downloads area.


  • Promoted Builds plugin

Create a job to do a basic build

  1. Click New Job
  2. Enter a job name
  3. Select Build a free-style software job
  4. Click OK
  5. For JDK, select jdk1.7.0-latest
  6. Under Source Code Management select Git
  7. Enter the URL for your git repo: git://
  8. Under Build click Add build step, select Invoke Maven 3
  9. Set Goals to be clean verify
  10. Click Advanced
  11. In Profiles enter release
  12. Click Save

At this point test that the build is able to build successfully by clicking Build Now

After the build is successful go back to the job Configure screen.

  1. Check **Promote builds when...
  2. Check Only when manually approved
  3. Enter the list of Approvers (email, comma delimited)
  4. Click Add Parameter > String Parameter
  5. Enter SITE_DIR for Name
  6. Enter /home/data/httpd/ for Default Value (Modify to point to some directory in your project's downloads area).
  7. Under Actions click Add action
  8. Click Execute Shell below is an example shell script
  1. Click Save

Promoting a build

  1. Click Build Now for the job if you have not already completed a build
  2. Under Build history select the most recent build you want to promote
  3. Click Promotion Status
  4. Verify the parameters and click Approve