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sign: entry point. Take a jar or a zip, an output dir, and a directive about how to queue the process (mail, nomail, now) It builds a queue line (see below for the format) If “now”, netcat to SIGN_SERVER_HOSTNAME:SIGN_SERVER_PORT, otherwise write the line to QUEUE cronjob and xinetd service

  • if started from xinetd, read stdin for the queueline, and process it
  • if started from cron, copy the QUEUE to a new queue (filename + PPID of the current run), it iterates on all lines on this new queue file and process them

processing a queue line is about spliting the parameter, and calling the jar processor on it. The jar processor will itself call a sign script.

Java version synchronization is done through the usage of jar_processor_signer_javaX symlinks, and all path are configured in “config” file.

Format of the Queue file


queueoption= mail|nomail|now skiprepack=empty or skiprepack java_version=java[0-9]+