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  1. Dockerfile

== Build

docker build -t eclipse-signing-service .

== Run

docker run -d -p 31338:80 eclipse-signing-service

=== Mounting your own signing-service code

If you are developing new eclipse-signing-service code and want to test it, simply mount a volume for your code to /var/www/signing-service for example:

-v /path/to/code:/var/www/signing-service

=== Mounting your own Signing Certificates

If you would like to mount your own signing certificates you can mount your own data volume to /etc/ssl/servercerts

-v /path/to/certs:/etc/ssl/servercerts

You will need to place 2 files in this directory “keystore” which contains your Java Keystore and “keystore.passwd” which is a single line file containing the password to your keystore file.

== Maven build with custom signing service

mvn clean verify -Dcbi.jarsigner.signerUrl=http://localhost:31338/jarsign.php

Example with CBI Maven plugins:

git clone
cd signing-service
mvn clean verify -Dcbi.jarsigner.signerUrl=http://localhost:31338/jarsign.php -Prelease