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title="Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools (CDT)">
<intro>The CDT project provides a set of plugins that implement a C/C++ IDE.
It adds a C/C++ Perspective to the Eclipse Workbench that supports C/C++ development
with a number of views, wizards, a powerful editor, and a debugger. The CDT is designed
to provide an extensible architecture, that will provide support for integration of tools
provided by Independent Software Vendors.
This page will help familiarize you with the Eclipse C/C++ development tooling.
To get started, read the sections below and click on the related links. </intro>
<item><b>The C/C++ perspective </b>
To open the C/C++ perspective: Click <b>Window > Open Perspective > C/C++ Development. </b></item>
<item><b>What's new </b>
Learn about the new features in this version of the CDT.
<topic href="/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/cdt_c_whatsnew.htm">What's new </topic></item>
<item><b>CDT Tutorial </b>
This quick tutorial guides you through the basic steps to get started.
<topic href="/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/cdt_o_tutorial.htm">Tutorial </topic></item>
<item><b>CppUnit integration and other contributed plugins </b>
Visit the <topic href="">CDT Community Webpage</topic> to find a list of contributed plugins
and a CppUnit integration in the CDT.</item>