Installing Corrosion

Using Eclipse Marketplace

Download Corrosion from the Eclipse Marketplace For further instructions on how to install using Eclipse Marketplace, see their tutorial

Using p2 repository

The p2 site:

  • Open Eclipse IDE
  • Open the Install New Software Wizard (Under the Help menu)
  • Enter in the site field
  • Select Corrosion - Rust in Eclipse IDE and click Next
  • Wait for the dependencies to load
  • Press Next again
  • Accept the license and press Finish
  • Restart Eclipse

Using Github

For contributors and testers, This will allow running the plugin within a child Eclipse to test and develop new features
  • Download Eclipse for Eclipse Contributors or any version of Eclipse with the Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment package
  • Clone the repo:
  • In the root of the repository, run mvn clean verify (You will need Maven)
  • Open the following projects in Eclipse:
    • org.eclipse.corrosion
    • target-platform
    • org.eclipse.corrosion.tests (If you intend on contributing)
  • Set the Target Platform
    • Preferences > Plug-in Development > Target Platform
    • Select the corrosion target defininition
  • Run the org.eclipse.corrosion project as an Eclipse Application