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This commit contains the code that was approved in (Bulk of code), (, (Rust TML), (TOML TML), along
with tests and docs which are not included in the jar

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Corrosion was formerly called RedOx, but required a name change due to naming overlap with another project (See issue #24)

Support for Rust editing in Eclipse IDE.

Corrosion is a Rust development plugin for the Eclipse IDE. Both issue reports and pull requests are greatly appreciated.

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Refer to our Installation Guide


The Rustup and Cargo commands are required for accessing the language server and performing most tasks. Go into the Rust preferences and either install the commands or input their paths if not automatically found.


Issue reports and pull requests are always appreciated.

For setting up Corrosion for testing and development follow the Using Github Installation Instructions

The p2 repository is not kept up to date with the master branch. Releases to the p2 repository will be made in more controlled released after the initial release of Corrosion v1.


Corrosion uses the lsp4e project to integrate with the Rust Language Server and TM4E project to provide syntax highlighting in order to provide a rich Rust editor in the Eclipse IDE.

The Rust and Cargo logos are owned by Mozilla and distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY). More Info