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# Copyright (c) 2008 Eclipse Foundation, made available under EPL v1.0
# Contributors Ward Cunningham, Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Karl Matthias
# usage:
# ./
use strict;
use FileHandle;
my %paths;
my %cvsroots;
my %ignore;
my $line;
my $key;
my $path;
my $root;
print << 'EOF';
Please update the CVS/SVN project info meta-data about your project
using the portal (
The weekly CVS/SVN activity monitor batch job has detected the following
errors in the meta-data, some of which are related to your project.
The project page activity graph, the active/inactive committer list,
the commits explorer, and other similar pages are all driven by this
meta-data. Incorrect meta-data causes incorrectly low activity to be
reported for your project. Get credit for the hard work you are doing:
update your project's meta-data today.
for (</cvsroot/*/*>) {
next if /CVSROOT/;
$paths{$_} = 1;
for (</cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/*>) {
next if /CVSROOT/;
$paths{$_} = 1;
# Load up the roots-cvs.txt file
my $fh = new FileHandle("<roots-cvs.txt") or print "Error: can't open roots-cvs.txt";
while($line = $fh->getline()) {
my @fields = split(/\s+/, $line);
# Catch double-claimed ownership
if(defined($cvsroots{$fields[1]})) {
print " * $fields[0] is claiming ownership of $fields[1] which is also claimed by $cvsroots{$fields[1]}.\n";
} else {
$cvsroots{$fields[1]} = $fields[0];
# Load up the roots-ignore.txt file
my $fh = new FileHandle("<roots-ignore.txt") or print "Error: can't open roots-ignore.txt";
while($line = $fh->getline()) {
my @fields = split(/\s+/, $line);
$ignore{$fields[1]} = $fields[0];
# Catch double entries
foreach $key (keys(%ignore)) {
if(defined($cvsroots{$key})) {
print " * $key exists in both roots-ignore.txt and roots-cvs.txt.\n";
# Catch problems where projects claim non-existant paths
foreach $root (keys(%cvsroots)) {
if(!defined($paths{$root})) {
print " * $root is claimed by $cvsroots{$root} but does not exist.\n";
# Catch non-claimed paths
foreach $path (keys(%paths)) {
if(!defined($cvsroots{$path}) and !defined($ignore{$path})) {
print " * $path is not claimed.\n";
print << 'EOF1';
P.S. The committer activity data is incrementally updated over a seven day
period, so it might be a few days before your changes become visible.