Data Tools Platform Enablement for general/common components

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  1. bd585c2 [479870] Update the plugin minor version segment rather than major by Brian Payton · 11 months ago master
  2. 9707d4b Releng : Change version to 2 by Konstantin Komissarchik · 11 months ago
  3. c5402cc Releng : DTP should require Java 8 by Konstantin Komissarchik · 12 months ago
  4. 0ac378d Update map file for org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.general repository by auto tag script by xgu · 4 years, 10 months ago DTP_1_10_0_Branch DTP_1_10_1_Branch DTP_1_10_2_Branch DTP_1_11_0_Branch DTP_1_11_1_Branch DTP_1_11_2_Branch DTP_1_12_0_Branch DTP_1_9_2_Branch DTP_1_9_2_Branch_a DTP_1_10_0_M5_201201270800 DTP_1_10_0_M6_201203160500 DTP_1_10_0_M7_201205040500 DTP_1_10_0_RC1_201205200500 DTP_1_10_0_RC2_201205260500 DTP_1_10_0_RC3_201206010500 DTP_1_10_0_RC4_201206061013 DTP_1_10_0_Release_201206131012 DTP_1_10_1_RC1_201208170500 DTP_1_10_1_RC2_201208310500 DTP_1_10_1_RC3_201209080500 DTP_1_10_1_Release_201209080500 DTP_1_10_2_KeplerM4_201212140500 DTP_1_10_2_RC1_201301110500 DTP_1_10_2_RC2_201301250500 DTP_1_10_2_RC3_201302010500 DTP_1_10_2_Release_201302061842 DTP_1_11_0_M6_201303080500 DTP_1_11_0_M7_201305030500 DTP_1_11_0_RC1_201305170949 DTP_1_11_0_RC2_201305240500 DTP_1_11_0_RC3_201305310500 DTP_1_11_0_Release_201305310500 DTP_1_11_1_RC1_201308170500 DTP_1_11_1_RC2_201308300500 DTP_1_11_1_RC3_201309060500 DTP_1_11_1_Release_201309060500 DTP_1_11_2_Release_201402080500 DTP_1_12_0_Branch DTP_1_9_2_RC1_201201140500 DTP_1_9_2_RC2_201201280500 DTP_1_9_2_RC3_201202050500 DTP_1_9_2_Release_201202050500 v20111209-0500
  5. 3be64b6 rename .cvsignore to .gitignore by Xiaoying Gu · 5 years ago DTP_1_9_1_Branch DTP_1_9_1_RC1_201108121641 DTP_1_9_1_RC2_201108270500 DTP_1_9_1_RC3_201109020500 DTP_1_9_1_RC4_201109031845 DTP_1_9_1_Release_201109031845 v201107221501
  6. 0c56205 update map file for git by Xiaoying Gu · 5 years ago
  7. 03aa217 NEW - bug 306295: DriverListCombo is leaking resources, can lead to no more handles exceptions by Brian Fitzpatrick · 6 years ago DTP_1_8_2_Branch DTP_1_8_2_Nightly_201010151542 DTP_1_8_2_RC3_201102060800 DTP_1_8_2_Release_201102060800 v201107201140
  8. 6949a7b Updates for DTP RCP app by Brian Fitzpatrick · 7 years ago
  9. 8d5e054 Adding readme about running RCP app on linux by Brian Fitzpatrick · 7 years ago
  10. 21705ca Updates to DTP RCP product to enable successful export as standalone RCP application by Brian Fitzpatrick · 7 years ago
  11. cba10ac Updates to RCP to avoid compile errors for now by Brian Fitzpatrick · 7 years ago
  12. 66ec515 Adding RCP app to Enablement by Brian Fitzpatrick · 7 years ago
  13. 8b93ede NEW - bug 278285: ConcurrentModificationException closing exception by Brian Fitzpatrick · 7 years ago
  14. 19bd005 NEW - bug 278533: a number of bundles missing about.html files by Brian Fitzpatrick · 7 years ago DTP_1_7_1_Branch DTP_1_7_1_RC3_200909040500
  15. 04f7c89 [254286]Branding by Xiaoying Gu · 7 years ago
  16. 7b36b41 [254286]Branding by Xiaoying Gu · 7 years ago
  17. ee8bd56 bug 267111 and bug 267123 - updates to make a class public and fix an issue with a NPE if the driver referenced isn't there by Brian Fitzpatrick · 8 years ago
  18. 4402580 [bug 260326] addressing updates to execution environment (1.4 to 1.5) for all enablement plug-ins by Brian Fitzpatrick · 8 years ago
  19. ea33658 NEW - bug 244507: Connectivity Driver Definition classpath does not update when reality changes by Brian Fitzpatrick · 8 years ago v200901270704
  20. cfd175b Updating about files by Brian Fitzpatrick · 8 years ago DTP_1_6_1_M1_Branch DTP_1_6_1_TestBranch_20080718 DTP_1_6_1_M1_20080725 DTP_1_6_1_Nightly_20080718 DTP_1_6_2_M1_200811101036