Data Tools Platform Enablement for Ingres databases

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  1. 5a75625 Releng : Change version to 1.14.1 by Konstantin Komissarchik · 1 year, 10 months ago master
  2. a5c1d31 Releng : Change version to 1.14 by Konstantin Komissarchik · 2 years, 9 months ago
  3. 3d4c3eb [479870] Update the plugin minor version segment rather than major by Brian Payton · 4 years ago
  4. 967eb81 Releng : Change version to 2 by Konstantin Komissarchik · 4 years ago
  5. 87c7007 Releng : DTP should require Java 8 by Konstantin Komissarchik · 4 years ago
  6. 81b16ba rename .cvsignore to .gitignore by Xiaoying Gu · 8 years ago DTP_1_10_0_Branch DTP_1_10_1_Branch DTP_1_10_2_Branch DTP_1_11_0_Branch DTP_1_11_1_Branch DTP_1_11_2_Branch DTP_1_12_0_Branch DTP_1_9_1_Branch DTP_1_9_2_Branch DTP_1_9_2_Branch_a DTP_1_10_0_M5_201201270800 DTP_1_10_0_M6_201203160500 DTP_1_10_0_M7_201205040500 DTP_1_10_0_RC1_201205200500 DTP_1_10_0_RC2_201205260500 DTP_1_10_0_RC3_201206010500 DTP_1_10_0_RC4_201206061013 DTP_1_10_0_Release_201206131012 DTP_1_10_1_RC1_201208170500 DTP_1_10_1_RC2_201208310500 DTP_1_10_1_RC3_201209080500 DTP_1_10_1_Release_201209080500 DTP_1_10_2_KeplerM4_201212140500 DTP_1_10_2_RC1_201301110500 DTP_1_10_2_RC2_201301250500 DTP_1_10_2_RC3_201302010500 DTP_1_10_2_Release_201302061842 DTP_1_11_0_M6_201303080500 DTP_1_11_0_M7_201305030500 DTP_1_11_0_RC1_201305170949 DTP_1_11_0_RC2_201305240500 DTP_1_11_0_RC3_201305310500 DTP_1_11_0_Release_201305310500 DTP_1_11_1_RC1_201308170500 DTP_1_11_1_RC2_201308300500 DTP_1_11_1_RC3_201309060500 DTP_1_11_1_Release_201309060500 DTP_1_11_2_Release_201402080500 DTP_1_9_1_RC1_201108121641 DTP_1_9_1_RC2_201108270500 DTP_1_9_1_RC3_201109020500 DTP_1_9_1_RC4_201109031845 DTP_1_9_1_Release_201109031845 DTP_1_9_2_RC1_201201140500 DTP_1_9_2_RC2_201201280500 DTP_1_9_2_RC3_201202050500 DTP_1_9_2_Release_201202050500 v20111209-0500
  7. a9c260f update map file for git by Xiaoying Gu · 8 years ago
  8. 5f6ef5b Bug 347164 - updated search to avoid collision with Teiid and the II version of Ingres. by Brian Fitzpatrick · 8 years ago DTP_1_9_0_Branch DTP_1_9_0_RC3_201105271308 DTP_1_9_0_RC4_201106031406 DTP_1_9_0_Release_201106031406 v201107201140
  9. f362e92 [BZ317378] Fix delivered for decorator label issue by Brian Fitzpatrick · 9 years ago DTP_1_8_1_Branch DTP_1_8_2_Branch DTP_1_8_1_RC1_201008060500 DTP_1_8_1_RC2_201008270500 DTP_1_8_1_RC3_201009031002 DTP_1_8_1_RC4_201009141028 DTP_1_8_1_Release_201009141028 DTP_1_8_2_Nightly_201010150500 DTP_1_8_2_Nightly_201010151542 DTP_1_8_2_RC3_201102060800 DTP_1_8_2_Release_201102060800 DTP_1_9_0_M3_201011050500 DTP_1_9_0_M4_201012110500 DTP_1_9_0_M5_201101281135 DTP_1_9_0_M7_201104291128 DTP_1_9_0_RC1_201105130500 DTP_1_9_0_RC2_201105201118
  10. 6763576 [281221]Many non-java bundles contain BREEs by Xiaoying Gu · 10 years ago DTP_1_7_1_Branch DTP_1_7_2_Branch DTP_1_7_2_Post_Branch DTP_1_8_0_Branch DTP_1_7_1_RC1_200908070500 DTP_1_7_1_RC2_200908281147 DTP_1_7_1_RC3_200909040500 DTP_1_7_1_Release_200909040500 DTP_1_7_2_RC1_201001151102 DTP_1_7_2_RC1a_201001200500 DTP_1_7_2_RC2_201001290500 DTP_1_7_2_RC2_201002021608 DTP_1_7_2_RC3_201002051148 DTP_1_7_2_Release_201002051148 DTP_1_8_0_M3_200911060500 DTP_1_8_0_M4_200912141443 DTP_1_8_0_M5_201002011321 DTP_1_8_0_M6_201003120500 DTP_1_8_0_M6_201003150500 DTP_1_8_0_M6_201003171157 DTP_1_8_0_M7_201004302056 DTP_1_8_0_RC1_201005140500 DTP_1_8_0_RC2_201005210500 DTP_1_8_0_RC3_201005281244 DTP_1_8_0_Release_201005311016
  11. 20fb418 [279400]: at least 300 plugins do not have about.html files (head and 1.7.0 branch) by Xiaoying Gu · 10 years ago v200906111150
  12. c4eab61 NEW - bug 278533: a number of bundles missing about.html files by Brian Fitzpatrick · 10 years ago DTP_1_7_0_RC4_200906081245 v200906020900
  13. 1e7a31d NEW - bug 253584: Systematically detect the Connection Profile Provider ID for a JDBC connection profile by Brian Fitzpatrick · 10 years ago DTP_1_7_0_RC1_200905180500 DTP_1_7_0_RC2_200905250500 DTP_1_7_0_RC2_200905260500 DTP_1_7_0_RC3_200905291118
  14. 3d842aa [273180]org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.ingres.ui has compile error in daily build v20090422-1114 by Xiaoying Gu · 10 years ago DTP_1_7_0_M7_200905041246 DTP_1_7_0_M7_200905052200
  15. 53701e4 [bug 260326] addressing updates to execution environment (1.4 to 1.5) for all enablement plug-ins - round 2 by Brian Fitzpatrick · 11 years ago DTP_1_7_0_M5_200902051305 DTP_1_7_0_M6_200903160500 v200902030155
  16. fe1893f NEW - bug 261767: Incorrect plugin version of enablement.sqlite* and enablment.ingres* plugins by Brian Fitzpatrick · 11 years ago DTP_1_7_0_M5_200902020500 v200901240050 v200901270704 v200902030150
  17. 0ab7f13 BZ232925 - delivering Ingres code to CVS by Brian Fitzpatrick · 11 years ago v200812031500