Data Tools Platform Enablement for Oracle databases

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  1. 86d0b6e Releng : Change version to 1.14.1 by Konstantin Komissarchik · 1 year, 10 months ago master
  2. c160172 Releng : Change version to 1.14 by Konstantin Komissarchik · 2 years, 9 months ago
  3. d3283aa [482550] Add Service Name to Oracle JDBC driver by Carl Thronson · 3 years, 10 months ago
  4. d0a48a3 [479870] Update the plugin minor version segment rather than major by Brian Payton · 4 years ago
  5. a456ba1 Releng : Change version to 2 by Konstantin Komissarchik · 4 years ago
  6. 31af1b9 Releng : DTP should require Java 8 by Konstantin Komissarchik · 4 years ago
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  8. 45e9d02 Updated plugin version for DTP 1.10 by Brian Payton · 7 years ago v201206010214
  9. 6e5c86b Update map file for repository by auto tag script by xgu · 7 years ago DTP_1_10_0_RC1_201205200500 DTP_1_10_0_RC2_201205260500
  10. ef8b7da [369748] Updated Oracle datatypes by Brian Payton · 7 years ago v201205180858
  11. 52885db Update map file for repository by auto tag script by xgu · 8 years ago DTP_1_9_2_Branch DTP_1_9_2_Branch_a DTP_1_10_0_M5_201201270800 DTP_1_10_0_M6_201203160500 DTP_1_10_0_M7_201205040500 DTP_1_9_2_RC1_201201140500 DTP_1_9_2_RC2_201201280500 DTP_1_9_2_RC3_201202050500 DTP_1_9_2_Release_201202050500
  12. 97ed287 [368401] Tweaked plugin ver. for DTP 1.9.2 by Brian Payton · 8 years ago v201201131121
  13. e075793 Update map file for repository by auto tag script by xgu · 8 years ago v20111209-0500
  14. cf6fab0 Added org.eclipse.core.runtime as required bundle for plugin by Brian Payton · 8 years ago DTP_1_9_1_Branch DTP_1_9_1_RC1_201108121641 DTP_1_9_1_RC2_201108270500 DTP_1_9_1_RC3_201109020500 DTP_1_9_1_RC4_201109031845 DTP_1_9_1_Release_201109031845 v201108110759
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  16. d2b62d9 update map file for git by Xiaoying Gu · 8 years ago
  17. b39f9d8 [331654] Modified the vendor docs in plugin to set the "identity column" flag off for numeric datatypes. by Brian Payton · 9 years ago DTP_1_9_0_Branch DTP_1_9_0_M5_201101281135 DTP_1_9_0_M7_201104291128 DTP_1_9_0_RC1_201105130500 DTP_1_9_0_RC2_201105201118 DTP_1_9_0_RC3_201105271308 DTP_1_9_0_RC4_201106031406 DTP_1_9_0_Release_201106031406 v201107201140
  18. e25e438 [311653] Enablement Oracle Contributed Driver does not refresh composite control when isReadOnly state got changed by Linda Chan · 9 years ago DTP_1_8_0_Branch DTP_1_8_1_Branch DTP_1_8_0_RC1_201005140500 DTP_1_8_0_RC2_201005210500 DTP_1_8_0_RC3_201005281244 DTP_1_8_0_Release_201005311016 DTP_1_8_1_RC1_201008060500 DTP_1_8_1_RC2_201008270500 DTP_1_8_1_RC3_201009031002 DTP_1_8_1_RC4_201009141028 DTP_1_8_1_Release_201009141028 DTP_1_8_2_Nightly_201010150500 DTP_1_8_2_Nightly_201010151542 DTP_1_9_0_M3_201011050500 DTP_1_9_0_M4_201012110500
  19. 8edc55d [296868] Updated vendor docs in DB2.luw, DB2.zseries, msft.sqlserver, and oracle enablement plugins to add java class entry for XML datatype by Brian Payton · 9 years ago DTP_1_8_0_M7_201004302056
  20. e909e5e [264135] No methods in DatabaseDefinition to get vendor support metadata for Constructed DataType by Hemant Kolwalkar · 10 years ago DTP_1_8_0_M6_201003120500 DTP_1_8_0_M6_201003150500 DTP_1_8_0_M6_201003171157