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RegexTester is an Eclipse plugin which can be used to easily test regular expressions.



  • Test and search for regular expression
  • Matches are colorized, for an easy visual clue
  • Support for pattern flags (e.g. Pattern.DOTALL)
  • LiveEval evaluates your regular expression while you are typing it, gives feedback on possible errors and shows any matches automatically
  • LiveEval is supported for changes of the regular expression, the search text and the pattern flags
  • 4 distinct match modes:
    • Find a sequence of characters
    • Match a complete text
    • Split text
    • Replace every occurence of the regex with a different string. Replacing supports back references ($1,$2,...)
  • LiveEval for match mode changes
  • Context sensitive “Regular Expression Assist”
  • Selective evaluation of expressions
  • Bracket Matching
  • Generation of string literals based on the regexp, e.g. “(x)” becomes “\(x\)”
  • De-escape patterns in your code, e.g. \(x\) becomes (x)
  • Improved “Clear Menu”, choose which parts of the view you would like to get cleared every time you press the clear button
  • Easy movement through matches: Choose “Previous Match” or “Next Match” and cycle through all matches found.
  • Polished and accessible user interface, everything is reachable via keyboard


Download the plugin jar and put it in your Eclipse plugin folder.