Repository that contains the eclipselink Runtime.

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  1. 792fcce Bug 514044 - Duplicate xmls entry during marshal with ContentHandler. by Vikram Bhatia · 7 days ago master
  2. 0490749 [nobug] attempt to stabilize moxy tests by Lukas Jungmann · 2 weeks ago
  3. a49fe7b Bug #513574: Entity not recognized on JDK9 by Jan Supol · 8 weeks ago
  4. 58f04b4 Bug 512255 - Eclipselink JPA/Auditing capablity in EE Environment fails with JNDI name parameter type by Joe Grassel · 6 weeks ago
  5. 3d59eaa Bug 509693 - EclipseLink generates inconsistent SQL statements for SubQuery by Dalia Abo Sheasha · 3 months ago

EclipseLink Project

The EclipseLink project's goal is to provide a complete persistence framework that is both comprehensive and universal. It will run in any Java environment and read and write objects to virtually any type of data source, including relational databases, XML, JSON, or EIS systems. EclipseLink will focus on providing leading edge support, including advanced feature extensions, for the dominant persistence standards for each target data source; Java Persistence API (JPA) for relational databases, Java API for XML Binding (JAXB) for XML, Java Connector Architecture (JCA) for EIS and other types of legacy systems, and Service Data Objects (SDO).