Repository that contains the eclipselink Runtime.
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  1. d1861b7  Bug474752: Test Change : Modified cleanup code for test testORInEmbeddedEntityWithToMany for correctness by Mythily Parthasarathy - 2 days ago master
  2. bce5535  Bug #475285: Create a generic "application-id" property for unique session names by dalia - 5 days ago
  3. 45cf05c  Bug#474752: Fix for NPE thrown for embeddable with 1-M association during orphan-removal by Mythily Parthasarathy - 3 days ago
  4. d474c12  Bug #474232 - Lazy association not fetched if object exists in cache and READ_ONLY query hint is used - Minor fix by Petros Splinakis - 12 days ago
  5. 06b831e  Bug# 453208 - Failing tests for unsupported feature turned off for Oracle platform. by Tomas Kraus - 4 days ago

EclipseLink Project

The EclipseLink project’s goal is to provide a complete persistence framework that is both comprehensive and universal. It will run in any Java environment and read and write objects to virtually any type of data source, including relational databases, XML, JSON, or EIS systems. EclipseLink will focus on providing leading edge support, including advanced feature extensions, for the dominant persistence standards for each target data source; Java Persistence API (JPA) for relational databases, Java API for XML Binding (JAXB) for XML, Java Connector Architecture (JCA) for EIS and other types of legacy systems, and Service Data Objects (SDO).