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EclipseLink Social-Binding Example

This example will demonstrate how to use EclipseLink MOXyto work with public JSON and XML feeds using a declarative binding approach.

The following concepts are demonstrated:

  • Mapping to JSON and XML data without writing or generating concrete Java classes
  • Using multiple MOXy metadata files to modularize your metadata
  • Bootstrapping a DynamicJAXBContext from multiple MOXy metadata files
  • Using a single DynamicJAXBContext to read both JSON and XML data
  • Using DynamicEntity APIs to interact with mapped data
  • Using XPath Predicates to map to an attribute based on another attribute value
  • Using UnmarshallerProperties.JSON_INCLUDE_ROOT to read JSON that does not have a root element
  • Using Marshaller.JAXB_FRAGMENT to omit the XML preamble when writing

The example application uses Dynamic MOXy to read a JSON stream from Reddit, an XML stream from Flickr, and uses the data from both to create an HTML file.