EclipseLink Dynamic MOXy Flickr Example

This example will demonstrate how to use MOXy's Dynamic JAXB features to work with public JSON and XML feeds, without having to create concrete Java classes. The following concepts are demonstrated:

  • Mapping to JSON and XML data without writing or generating concrete Java classes
  • Using multiple MOXy metadata files to modularize your metadata
  • Bootstrapping a DynamicJAXBContext from multiple MOXy metadata files
  • Using a single DynamicJAXBContext to read both JSON and XML data
  • Using DynamicEntity APIs to interact with mapped data
  • Using XPath Predicates to map to an attribute based on another attribute value
  • Using UnmarshallerProperties.JSON_INCLUDE_ROOT to read JSON that does not have a root element
  • Using Marshaller.JAXB_FRAGMENT to omit the XML preamble when writing

The example application uses Dynamic MOXy to read a JSON stream from Reddit, an XML stream from Flickr, and uses the data from both to create an HTML file.