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EclipseLink MOXy Bean Validation Example

This example will demonstrate how to use EclipseLink MOXy to generate an XML schema with element constraints from a Java Class with Bean Validation constraints.In particular, see the firstName field in

This example will also demonstrate the reverse - generating a Java Class with Bean Validation constraints from an XML schema with element constraints.

Support for Bean Validation constraints with XML Schema is a feature specific to EclipseLink.

Running the Example

To generate an XML Schema from a Java class, execute:

    mvn install

The generated XML schema (schema1.xsd) will be in the target directory: target/schema1.xsd

To generate Java classes from an XML schema, follow these two steps: 1) Set ECLIPSELINK_HOME to your EclipseLink 2.6.0+ installation 2) Execute (or .cmd on Windows) to generate the model from the schema1.xsd (generated from ‘mvn install’ above). The generated class, will be under the ‘out’ directory