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#Properties file for org.eclipse.scada.core.ui.styles
Bundle-Name = Eclipse SCADA Core UI Styles (Incubation)
Bundle-Vendor = Eclipse NeoSCADA Project = Alarm background = Blocked background
colorDefinition.block.fg.label = Blocked foreground = Disconnected background = Error background = Manual background = Warning background = Style Generator = Style Preferences
styleGenerator.alarmFirst.description = Works like the "Default Eclipse SCADA style generator" (org.eclipse.scada.core.ui.styles.defaultStyleGenerator) with the difference that alarms are more important than errors.\n\nThe disconnected state will still override everything else since the client has no information at all and a possible alarm would be completely irrelevant. = Alarm first generator
styleGenerator.default.description = The default Eclipse SCADA style generator.\n\nIt results in a priorization of styles. Only the most important state is visualized. The order of importance is (first is most important):\n\n * disconnected\n * error\n * alarm\n * warning\n * manual override\n * blocked\n \nThe style generator uses the color definitions of the theme group <code>org.eclipse.scada.alarming.theme</code>. = Default Eclipse SCADA style generator
themeElementCategory.alarming.label = Alarming