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Eclipse Edapt™ - Migrating EMF Models

Eclipse Edapt™ is an EMF framework to migrate instances of Ecore models after changing an Ecore. This is typically used to migrate existing EMF-based data with a new release of a software with an updated Ecore model.


The official documentation is available on the website

Feedback, Help, and Support

See the CONTRIBUTING file.


The maven tycho build can be invoked with

mvn clean verify -f builds/org.eclipse.emf.edapt.releng/pom.xml

# if you run into problems with eclipse p2 mirror sites, try disabling mirrors
mvn clean verify -f builds/org.eclipse.emf.edapt.releng/pom.xml -Dtycho.disableP2Mirrors=true

The Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment is JavaSE-1.8

The p2-repository is created at builds/org.eclipse.emf.edapt.releng.p2/target/repository


Edapt is licensed under Eclipse Public License - v 2.0. See the LICENSE file for more information.