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<title>CDO Master Server Example</title>
<h1>CDO Master Server Example</h1>
This project contains the launch configuration "ExampleMasterServer" that
can be used to start a new OSGi process with a CDO master repository.
You may need to update the launch configuration by clicking the "Add Required
Plugins" button on the Plugins tab.
Before you actually run this master server you should review the server
configuration file /config/cdo-server.xml in this project. In particular
you may want to adjust the following settings:
Acceptor port.
Default is 2036.
H2 datasource URL.
Default is a /database folder in the current directory, i.e., this project.
ID generation location.
Default is STORE, should be changed to CLIENT for all offline scenarios!
If the server is running you can point your web browser to
<a href="http://localhost:7777">http://localhost:7777</a> in order to
introspect the repository. Please note that this introspection facility
should not be used in production!