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* Copyright © 2013 IBM Corporation and others.
* All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
* are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
* which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
* Contributors:
* IBM Corporation - initial API and implementation
import eglx.lang.Throws;
externalType _URL extends Serializable type JavaObject
{externalName = "URL"}
constructor(arg0 _URL? IN,arg1 string? IN,arg2 URLStreamHandler? IN){@Throws};
constructor(arg0 _URL? IN,arg1 string? IN){@Throws};
constructor(arg0 string? IN){@Throws};
constructor(arg0 string? IN,arg1 string? IN,arg2 int IN,arg3 string? IN,arg4 URLStreamHandler? IN){@Throws};
constructor(arg0 string? IN,arg1 string? IN,arg2 string? IN){@Throws};
constructor(arg0 string? IN,arg1 string? IN,arg2 int IN,arg3 string? IN){@Throws};
function equals(arg0 Object? IN) returns(boolean);
function getAuthority() returns(string?);
function getContent() returns(Object?){@Throws};
function getDefaultPort() returns(int);
function getFile() returns(string?);
function getHost() returns(string?);
function getPath() returns(string?);
function getPort() returns(int);
function getProtocol() returns(string?);
function getQuery() returns(string?);
function getRef() returns(string?);
function getUserInfo() returns(string?);
function hashCode() returns(int);
function openConnection() returns(URLConnection?){@Throws};
function openConnection(arg0 Proxy? IN) returns(URLConnection?){@Throws};
function openStream() returns(InputStream?){@Throws};
function sameFile(arg0 _URL? IN) returns(boolean);
static function setURLStreamHandlerFactory(arg0 URLStreamHandlerFactory? IN);
function toExternalForm() returns(string?);
function toString() returns(string?);
function toURI() returns(URI?){@Throws};