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GerritDashboardPreferencePage_3=Gerrit selection
GerritDashboardPreferencePage_4=Need to select a Gerrit Server \nto
GerritDashboardPreferencePage_5=Need to select a Gerrit Server \nto remove it
GerritDashboardPreferencePage_6=No server being saved
GerritDashboardPreferencePage_7=Invalid server: \n
GerritDashboardPreferencePage_8=Gerrit Servers defined
GerritServerDialog_0=Gerrit Server Selection
GerritServerDialog_1=Save the new Gerrit Server information
GerritServerDialog_10=The information provided doesn't allow a connection to the Gerrit server at the moment,\n
GerritServerDialog_11=\ do you still want to save it ?
GerritServerDialog_16=A problem occurred establishing the SSL connection with
GerritServerDialog_17=. Please see log file for more details.
GerritServerDialog_18=A problem occurred establishing the SSL connection with
GerritServerDialog_19=. The trust chain of the provided certificate could not be verified. Please see log file for more details.
GerritServerDialog_2=Do not save the information
GerritServerDialog_21=\ :
GerritServerDialog_22=The server you are connecting to is older than 2.8 and this tool cannot connect to it. This tool can only connect to servers that are more recent than
GerritServerDialog_25=\ runs version
GerritServerDialog_26=\ which is older than the minimum
GerritServerDialog_27=\ supported by EGerrit.
GerritServerDialog_28=Server [
GerritServerDialog_29=\ ] has an invalid User and/or password
GerritServerDialog_30=Validate server
GerritServerDialog_3=Enter the http(s) URL of your Gerrit server, and the username and password to connect to it.\n\nThe URL you need to enter is the same as the one you use to connect to your Gerrit server on the web.
GerritServerDialog_4=For example, on Eclipse Gerrit server is Another way to determine the URL is to start from the URL of a change (e.g\#/c/58066/) and use as a URL the part up to the \#.
GerritServerDialog_6=Name to show in the Gerrit Server list
GerritServerDialog_7=Example: Eclipse or Foundation
GerritServerDialog_8=URL is NOT valid
GerritServerDialog_9=Gerrit selection
GerritServerTableLabelProvider_0=Server name