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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project name="WriteOutputContractTask" default="main" basedir="..">
You can write output contracts in script directly by use TaskProductionForAnt.
<WriteOUT name="the name of the contract" value="the new value of the contract" type="the type of the contract"/>
=>If you didn't set the type of the contract in the script, it will find the type of the contract automaticly.
<WriteOUT name="the name of the contract" value="the new value of the contract">
Now the TaskProductionForAnt class can support following types:
String => type="type:string"
Boolean | boolean => type="type:boolean"
Long => type="type:long"
Integer => type="type:integer"
BigInteger => type="type:bigInteger"
BigDecimal => type="type:bigDecimal"
Float => type="type:float"
Byte => type="type:byte"
Short => type="type:short"
Double => type="type:double"
Character => type="type:character"
Date => type="type:date" (Now suppoert the simple fomate: 'yyyy-MM-dd' and 'yyyy/MM/dd')
Type URI => type="type:uri" (org.eclipse.emf.common.util.URI)
If you want use ant script to write other complex type, you can write a sub task class which extends '',
and rewrite the execute() method. You can get the TaskProductionContext from the ant task by use getContext() method(See
<!-- Define the ant tasks -->
<taskdef name="taskProductionForAnt" description="Write output contracts in script directly." classname="org.eclipse.egf.portfolio.task.ant.engine.TaskProductionForAnt">
<pathelement location="${basedir}/bin" />
<!-- Exectute the task -->
<target name="main">
<!-- Write output contracts in script directly -->
<WriteOUT name="output_parameter_string" value="hello" type="type:string" />
<WriteOUT name="output_parameter_boolean" value="true" type="type:boolean" />
<WriteOUT name="output_parameter_long" value="1000000000" type="type:long" />
<WriteOUT name="output_parameter_integer" value="99" type="type:integer" />
<WriteOUT name="output_parameter_bigInteger" value="50" type="type:bigInteger" />
<WriteOUT name="output_parameter_double" value="2.01" type="type:double" />
<WriteOUT name="output_parameter_float" value="1.0" type="type:float" />
<WriteOUT name="output_parameter_short" value="3" type="type:short" />
<WriteOUT name="output_parameter_character" value="a" type="type:character" />
<WriteOUT name="output_parameter_byte" value="1" type="type:byte" />
<WriteOUT name="output_parameter_bigDecimal" value="2.015" />
<WriteOUT name="output_parameter_date" value="2011-12-30T00:00:00.000+0800" type="type:date" />
<WriteOUT name="output_parameter_date" value="2011-11-11" />
<!-- You also can not to set the type -->
<WriteOUT name="output_parameter_uri" value="platform:/resource/org.eclipse.egf.example.task.ant/plugin.xml" type="type:uri" />