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<title>EGF examples</title>
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&nbsp;EGF examples
<a name="ExampleEMFWrapper"><h2 class="Head">EMF Wrapper</h2></a>
<h3 class="Head">1. Purpose</h3>
<p class="Para"><i>Tool</i>: EMF generation + model documentation generation</p>
<p class="Para"><i>Learning</i>: understanding 1) how an EGF activity is structured, 2) how to enrich the EMF generation</p>
<h3 class="Head">2. Scenario</h3>
<p class="Para">Create and execute the EMF Wrapper:</p>
<ul CLASS="UnorderedList">
<li CLASS="Item">Create a genmodel file from an ecore model file</li>
<li CLASS="Item">On the genmodel, [Right-click][Create EMF Wrapper]</li>
<li CLASS="Item">An fcore file is created</li>
<li CLASS="Item">Open the fcore file</li>
<li CLASS="Item">The production plan examplifies an ordered list of Java task calls with an IN parameter passing</li>
<li CLASS="Item">To execute the factory component, on the factory component or the fcore file, [Right-click][Run EGF Activity...]</li>
<li CLASS="Item">Model, edit, editor APIs are generated, and an html model document in the plug-in with the <i>doc</i> extension</li>
<p align="left">
<img src="./images/EMFWrapper_1_1.png" alt="EMF Wrapper Example"/>
<p class="Para">More understanding:</p>
<ul CLASS="UnorderedList">
<li CLASS="Item">Add a new generation step: on the production plan, [New Child][Production Plan Invocation], and invoke a factory component or task previously created</li>
<li CLASS="Item">Have a look on a Java task: on a <i>Production Plan Invocation</i> step, [Right-click][Open Activity]. This opens the fcore resource which contains the Java task. On the <i>Java Task</i> node, the <i>value</i> property indicates the Java class path.</li>
<li CLASS="Item">Deep customization: the Java Classes inherits from the <i>EgfEmfAbstractTask</i> which could be redefined in order to have a specific generation behavior.</li>
<li CLASS="Item">Pattern overview: [Right click][Open activity] on the <i>EmfDocGenHtml</i> step. This open the <i>EmfDocGenHtml</i> factory component. Then, visit the patterns which generate the htlm documentation.</li>
<h2 class="Head">Other examples</h2>
<ul CLASS="UnorderedList">
<li CLASS="Item">Visit the <a href="">EGF Wiki</a>, section Factory Components</li>