Bug 516979 - File Manager API should be useable without a ProjectSpace

* FileTransferManager offers second contructor which does not require a
project space but project id and usersession, as these are the required
objects for the server call and are accesible with actually checking out
a project.
* Introduce abstraction of an upload queue as the projectspace was used
for this directely and offer an additional in memory option which is
used when no projectspace is available.
* new API remains internal for now
* Make sure required parent directories are created if the file id
contains path separators
* Add test cases

Change-Id: I432bfcd1b65dc9c7c33e0ae0173bfeefb0bbb2de
Signed-off-by: Johannes Faltermeier <jfaltermeier@eclipsesource.com>
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