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Eclipse EMF Services - EMF Validation

NOTE: As of march of 2021, the source code for EMF Validation is now hosted on GitHub at https://github.com/eclipse/emf-validation. If you have Git clones which refers to the old location at git.eclipse.org, update them or you will not get the latest changes.

EMF Validation extends the core validation support of EMF itself with:

  • constraint definitions,
  • customizable model traversal algorithms,
  • constraint parsing for languages,
  • configurable application-specific validation contexts,
  • and validation listeners.

It is part of the Eclipse EMF Services project, which provides libraries that extend the core EMF framework with additional services or more powerful versions of services provided by EMF itself.


The build uses Tycho. To launch a complete build, issue mvn clean packagefrom the top-level directory. The resulting update-site (p2 repository) can be found in org.eclipse.emf.validation.repository/target/repository.

By default the build uses a Oxygen-based target platform to ensure compatibility. You can specify a different platform from the ones available in platforms available in org.eclipse.emf.validation.target. For example mvn clean package -Dplatform=2020-12 to build against a Target Platform which corresponds to Eclipse 2020-12.

Continuous Integration

The official builds are run in the Eclipse Foundation's infrastructure, at https://ci.eclipse.org/emfservices/.

Update Sites

Update Sites (p2 repositories) are available at:


Eclipse Public License 2.0