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<org.eclipse.epf.uma:ContentDescription xmi:version="2.0" xmlns:xmi="" xmlns:org.eclipse.epf.uma="" xmlns:rmc="" rmc:version="7.5.1" xmlns:epf="" epf:version="1.5.1" xmi:id="-x6K6zdVklh4CbhxTeVvYew" name="deployment_plan,_LXE_8LlKEeCciPPzZcIJFA" guid="-x6K6zdVklh4CbhxTeVvYew" changeDate="2011-07-28T11:52:30.549-0700" version="7.5.1">
<mainDescription>By answering a set of generic questions (who, what, when, where, why, and how), deployment planning can go a long way to&#xD;
make a release a satisfying experience. Some questions to be considered are indicated by the check items below:</mainDescription>
<sections xmi:id="_IAHg0uB-EeC1y_NExchKwQ" name="Who are the end users of the features to be released?" guid="_IAHg0uB-EeC1y_NExchKwQ">
<sectionDescription>Do those end users require any special training?</sectionDescription>
<sections xmi:id="_IAHg1eB-EeC1y_NExchKwQ" name="What features must be deployed?" guid="_IAHg1eB-EeC1y_NExchKwQ">
<sectionDescription>What features will make this release valuable to the end user community? What components are included in the release&#xD;
<sections xmi:id="_IAHg1OB-EeC1y_NExchKwQ" name="When do the features need to be available?" guid="_IAHg1OB-EeC1y_NExchKwQ">
<sectionDescription>When must the deployment be completed and tested?</sectionDescription>
<sections xmi:id="_IAG5wuB-EeC1y_NExchKwQ" name="Where are the end users located?" guid="_IAG5wuB-EeC1y_NExchKwQ">
<sectionDescription>Are end users distributed or in one location, and are their infrastructure configurations the same or different? &lt;br /></sectionDescription>
<sections xmi:id="_IAHg0OB-EeC1y_NExchKwQ" name="Why is the release taking place?" guid="_IAHg0OB-EeC1y_NExchKwQ">
<sectionDescription>Is the deployment needed to resolve an issue or is it required to provide new functionality that has been requested? &lt;br /></sectionDescription>
<sections xmi:id="_IAHg0eB-EeC1y_NExchKwQ" name="Who will support the release after it is deployed?" guid="_IAHg0eB-EeC1y_NExchKwQ">
<sectionDescription>Do support personnel have all the information and training necessary to provide quality support?</sectionDescription>
<sections xmi:id="_IAHg0-B-EeC1y_NExchKwQ" name="When is the release &quot;done?&quot;" guid="_IAHg0-B-EeC1y_NExchKwQ">
<sectionDescription>How will the team know that the release was successful and when the deployment is finished?</sectionDescription>