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<sections xmi:id="_U7JSUAbNEdy1uLAzgK8btg" name="Have Work Items been described without ambiguity?"
<sectionDescription>&lt;p> Does each Work Item have a name and clear description? This helps the team &#xD;
estimate Work Item size. If necessary, include links on the Work Items List &#xD;
to reference material where further detail is available. &lt;/p></sectionDescription>
<sections xmi:id="_dL2nwAVuEdy3F_fZDaPZVA" name="Have Work Items been prioritized?"
<sectionDescription>&lt;p align=&quot;left&quot;> Has every Work Item been prioritized by business value? This &#xD;
helps the team select the Work Items to be delivered in each iteration. &lt;/p></sectionDescription>
<sections xmi:id="_bF3LoAVuEdy3F_fZDaPZVA" name="Have Work Items been estimated?"
<sectionDescription>&lt;p align=&quot;left&quot;> Every Work Item should be estimated by business value. This will &#xD;
help the team to select the Work Items to be delivered in each iteration. &lt;/p></sectionDescription>
<sections xmi:id="_O7VloAbFEdy1uLAzgK8btg" name="Are the Work Items being tracked?"
<sectionDescription>&lt;p align=&quot;left&quot;> Does every Work Item have a state attribute? This helps the team &#xD;
track its development project.&amp;nbsp; &lt;/p></sectionDescription>
<sections xmi:id="_tENnkAVuEdy3F_fZDaPZVA" name="Are scheduled Work Items the right size?"
<sectionDescription>If a Work Item is scheduled for an iteration, then it should be broken down into Work Items that can be completed in a&#xD;
reasonable timeframe (a few hours, to a few days). This will help&amp;nbsp;the team be more productive and produce&amp;nbsp;more&#xD;
detailed effort estimates, see &lt;a class=&quot;elementLink&quot; href=&quot;./../../../openup/guidances/concepts/micro_increments.html&quot;&#xD;
guid=&quot;_S80VwCNbEdyCq8v2ZO4QcA&quot;>Micro-Increments&lt;/a>. &lt;br align=&quot;left&quot; />&#xD;
&lt;br /></sectionDescription>