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<mainDescription>&lt;a id=&quot;XE_xp_coach__role_definition&quot; name=&quot;XE_xp_coach__role_definition&quot;>&lt;/a>&lt;a id=&quot;Description&quot; name=&quot;Description&quot;>&lt;/a> &#xD;
The &lt;a class=&quot;PresentationName&quot; guid=&quot;{9C440605-FF0E-4D37-A774-BBF8B5F47AB6}&quot;>XP Coach&lt;/a> role helps a team stay on&#xD;
process and helps the team to learn. A coach brings an outside perspective to help a team see themselves more clearly.&#xD;
The coach will help balance the needs of delivering the project while improving the use of the practices. A coach or&#xD;
team of coaches supports the Customer Team, the Developer Team, and the Organization.&#xD;
The decisions that coaches make should always stem from the XP values (communication, simplicity, feedback, and&#xD;
courage) and usually move toward the XP practices. As such, familiarity with the values and practices is a&#xD;
prerequisite. The coach must command the respect required to lead the respective teams. The coach must possess people&#xD;
skills and be effective in influencing the actions of the teams.&#xD;
<skills>&lt;a id=&quot;Skills&quot; name=&quot;Skills&quot;>&lt;/a>
The &lt;a class=&quot;PresentationName&quot; href=&quot;./../../xp/roles/xp_coach,{9C440605-FF0E-4D37-A774-BBF8B5F47AB6}.html&quot; guid=&quot;{9C440605-FF0E-4D37-A774-BBF8B5F47AB6}&quot;>XP Coach&lt;/a> uses many different techniques. The coach is a mentor,
working side by side with team members on their tasks. The coach is a facilitator, helping achieve more effective team
performance. The coach is a conduit, reinforcing communication within the team and across teams.