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As a team begins to use the &lt;a class=&quot;elementLink&quot;
href=&quot;./../../xp/guidances/concepts/xp_practices,2.2937799026801584E-305.html&quot; guid=&quot;2.2937799026801584E-305&quot;>XP
Practices&lt;/a>, the coach must prepare the team to use the practices effectively.
This includes the following:
Teach the team about XP and ensure that the team has a common understanding of the practices.
Facilitate the team's decision as to how aggressively the transition to the new practices will be.
Facilitate a team activity to identify what obstacles they will face in using the practices effectively. Ensure
that the team has a plan to overcome those obstacles.
Facilitate a team activity to identify what constraints will require adaptation of the practices. Ensure that these
adaptations are understood by the &lt;a class=&quot;elementLink&quot;
href=&quot;./../../xp/guidances/concepts/whole_team,7.89591827591278E-306.html&quot; guid=&quot;7.89591827591278E-306&quot;>Whole
Because there are many roles in the team, a coach needs to have a good understanding of the all different activities in
the process. In some cases, there might be more than one coach on a team to address needs. There might be a coach for
the developer team and one for the customer team, for example.
Use external expertise as necessary to ensure the team starts with a strong base of knowledge on which to succeed.
<purpose>&lt;a id=&quot;XE_explain_process__activity_definition&quot; name=&quot;XE_explain_process__activity_definition&quot;>&lt;/a> &#xD;
Make sure the team has a common understanding of the fundamentals.&#xD;