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<org.eclipse.epf.uma:TaskDescription xmi:version="2.0"
xmlns:xmi="" xmlns:org.eclipse.epf.uma=""
xmlns:epf="" epf:version="1.2.0" xmi:id="--tP2hgRfEkZPGYvy1y0GZQ"
name="integrate_system,{70FEC254-8555-4844-AD82-68367E25F082}" guid="--tP2hgRfEkZPGYvy1y0GZQ"
<sections xmi:id="_oE9QMGE-EdqnIZeW8YpHcA" name=" Run All Unit Tests for the System "
<sectionDescription>&lt;a id=&quot;Step1&quot; name=&quot;Step1&quot;>&lt;/a>
While you and your pair partner are working on a task, you run unit tests to make sure you are not introducing side
effect defects. As a system evolves, it may become impractical to run all the unit tests for the system for every
change made. In this case, you may choose a subset of the unit tests to run after every code change. When a task is
completed or you feel that you have a piece you can integrate or you are uncertain for any reason, run all of the unit
tests for the system.
<sections xmi:id="_oE9QMWE-EdqnIZeW8YpHcA" name=" Check in Code " guid="_oE9QMWE-EdqnIZeW8YpHcA">
<sectionDescription>&lt;a id=&quot;Step2&quot; name=&quot;Step2&quot;>&lt;/a>
If all of the unit test in the system passed, check in your code and produce a system build.
<purpose>&lt;a id=&quot;XE_integrate_and_build__activity_definition&quot; name=&quot;XE_integrate_and_build__activity_definition&quot;>&lt;/a> &#xD;
To produce a runnable executable of the application under development that can be used to evaluate progress and&#xD;
provide feedback&#xD;