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  • The metamodel file (metamodel/simulink.ecore) was taken the Massif project (from
  • The models found under the model/emf/shallow directory were generated with the Massif project import facilities using the shallow approach. They are compressed in the “compressed-shallow.tar.bz2” file. To uncompress you can use the command tar -jxvf compressed-shallow.tar.bz2
  • The models found under the model/live/ directory were taken from open projects in github.
  • The native Simulink models were created for MATLAB 2018b version. To run the validation scripts it might be needed to have installed the MATLAB version 2018b.


  • Before you run the run configurations make sure you have installed the latest interim version of the Epsilon Project and that you have provided in the Epsilon/Simulink eclipse preferences the path of the MATLAB Engine Jar and MATLAB Library.
  • To run the native validation script (management/validation/liveValidation.evl) use the example run configuration provided in run/liveValidation.launch
  • To run the EMF validation script (management/validation/emfValidation.evl) use the example run configuration provided in run/emfValidation.launch

Both example eclipse run configurations have been provided to run with the Simulink model “darkd0” found under the aerospace library of MATLAB/Simulink or in the exported EMF version in the directory model/emf/ of this project. The model can be changed by modifying the model file of the model dialog in both run configurations.