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<context id="emc_dialogs">
<description>This dialog is used to specify the name, path and other details of a model. Epsilon will use these details to access the specified model at runtime.</description>
<topic href="doc/emc/dialog/emf.html" label="Using EMF models with Epsilon programs" />
<topic href="doc/emc/dialog/plain_xml.html" label="Using plain XML models with Epsilon programs" />
<topic href="doc/emc/dialog/ecore.html" label="Using an EMF package as a model with Epsilon programs" />
<topic href="doc/emc/dialog/hutn.html" label="Using HUTN with Epsilon programs" />
<context id="egl_generated_text_tab">
<description>This tab is used to customise the default formatters and the type of template factory used to execute the EGL template.
Formatters perform post-processing of generated text to, for example, correct indentation or enforce coding conventions in the generated text.
The type of template factory used in an EGL program dictates the way in which templates are created, loaded and processed.</description>
<topic href="doc/egl/generated_text_tab/default_formatters.html" label="How and when to configure default formatters"/>
<topic href="doc/egl/generated_text_tab/template_factory_type.html" label="How and when to configure the type of template factory"/>