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Model HUTN
This model description is not a real EMF artifact. It was generated by the
org.eclipse.emf.examples.generator.validator plug-in to illustrate how EMF's
code generator can be extended.
This can be disabled with -vmargs -Dorg.eclipse.emf.examples.generator.validator=false.
Package hutn <>
Class Spec
Attribute nsUris : EString<<0..*>>
Reference objects : PackageObject<<0..*>>
Class ModelElement
Attribute line : EIntegerObject
Attribute col : EIntegerObject
Class Object -> ModelElement
Attribute type : EString
Attribute isConfiguration : EBooleanObject
Reference imports : Import<<0..*>>
Reference slots : Slot<<0..*>>
Class PackageObject -> Object
Class ClassObject -> Object
Class Import -> ModelElement
Reference objectId : ObjectId
Attribute importContained : EBooleanObject
Class Slot -> ModelElement
Attribute feature : EString
Reference owner : Object<<1..1>>
Class StringSlot -> Slot
Attribute values : EString<<0..*>>
Class BooleanSlot -> Slot
Attribute values : EBooleanObject<<0..*>>
Class IntegerSlot -> Slot
Attribute values : EIntegerObject<<0..*>>
Class DoubleSlot -> Slot
Attribute values : EDoubleObject<<0..*>>
Class NullSlot -> Slot
Class ContainmentReferenceSlot -> Slot
Reference object : Object
Class ReferenceSlot -> Slot
Reference objectId : ObjectId<<0..*>>
Class ObjectId
Attribute compartments : EString<<0..*>>