Equinox Bundles

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  1. 80cbdc1 Comparator errors in I20180806-2000 by Alexander Kurtakov · 14 days ago master I20180807-0350 I20180807-1425 I20180807-2000 I20180808-2000 I20180809-2000 I20180810-0320 I20180810-2000 I20180811-1500 I20180812-2000 I20180813-2000 I20180814-0900 I20180814-0910 I20180814-2000 I20180815-1250 I20180815-2000 I20180816-2000 I20180817-2000 I20180818-0800 I20180818-1500 I20180819-0800 I20180819-2000 I20180820-0800 Y20180808-2200 Y20180815-2200
  2. 933b7c9 Bug 537705 - I-Build: I20180805-2000 build failed by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 2 weeks ago I20180806-0300 I20180806-2000
  3. 16c320e Bug 536301 - Update platform to Jetty 9.4.11 (fix CVEs) by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 weeks ago I20180801-0820 I20180801-2000 I20180803-2000 I20180804-1500 I20180805-2000 S4_9_0_M2 Y20180801-2200
  4. 0eadf4a Bug 537071 - [WireAdmin] High CPU usage by WireReDispatcher by nicolatimeus · 5 weeks ago I20180730-2000 I20180730-2240 I20180731-0340 I20180731-0800 I20180731-1025 I20180731-1250 I20180731-1305 I20180731-2000 I20180801-0550 I20180801-0800
  5. af94e41 Bug 537080 - Use dir-shaped bundle for the linux security fragment by Mat Booth · 5 weeks ago I20180716-2000 I20180717-0320 I20180717-2000 I20180718-0130 I20180718-2000 I20180719-2000 I20180720-2000 I20180721-1500 I20180722-2000 I20180723-2000 I20180724-2000 I20180725-2000 I20180726-2000 I20180727-2000 I20180728-0805 I20180728-1500 I20180729-0800 I20180729-2000 I20180730-0800 Y20180718-2200 Y20180720-0300 Y20180723-0615 Y20180723-0635 Y20180725-2200
  6. 8ff195e Bug 534674 - Run o.e.equinox.preferences.tests in nightly by Lucas Bullen · 6 weeks ago I20180710-2000 I20180711-2000 I20180712-2000 I20180713-2000 I20180714-1500 I20180715-2000 I20180716-0715 Y20180712-0200
  7. 5c430bb Bug 518175 Pass bundle id to url_resolvePlugin message by Karsten Thoms · 1 year, 2 months ago I20180618-0800 I20180621-2000 I20180625-1545 I20180627-2000 I20180627-2020 I20180628-0230 I20180628-2000 I20180629-0400 I20180629-0420 I20180629-2000 I20180630-1500 I20180701-2000 I20180702-0435 I20180702-2000 I20180703-2000 I20180704-0545 I20180704-0605 I20180704-0805 I20180704-2000 I20180705-2000 I20180706-2000 I20180707-1500 I20180708-2000 I20180709-2000 Y20180628-0525 Y20180705-0105
  8. 3cd187a Revert "Introduce checkCanceled on IProgressMonitor" by Thomas Watson · 9 weeks ago
  9. fed5569 Introduce checkCanceled on IProgressMonitor by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 10 weeks ago I20180614-2000 I20180614-2045 I20180615-0300 I20180615-0655
  10. 375440f Bug 535318 - Update license to EPL-2.0 for equinox.bundles in about.html by Lars Vogel · 2 months ago I20180613-0300 I20180613-0440
  11. dd10db6 Bug 535318 - Update versions for next release by Thomas Watson · 3 months ago I20180607-2000
  12. c2742ea Bug 535191 - POM version change for 4.9 release by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 months ago I20180531-0910 I20180531-1245 I20180531-2000 I20180531-2125 I20180601-0900 I20180601-0915 I20180606-1020
  13. a81821b CLA -> ECA by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 months ago
  14. ef37404 Bug 444188 - EclipsePreferences is not thread safe by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 months ago I20180515-1755 I20180515-2000 I20180516-0800 I20180516-2000 I20180518-2000 I20180519-0800 I20180519-1500 I20180520-0800 I20180520-2000 I20180521-0800 I20180521-2000 I20180522-0800 I20180522-2000 I20180523-0800 I20180523-2000 I20180524-0900 I20180525-2000 I20180526-0800 I20180526-1500 I20180527-0800 I20180527-2000 I20180527-2250 I20180528-0800 S4_8_0_RC1 S4_8_0_RC2
  15. 97cd32a Bug 444188 - EclipsePreferences is not thread safe by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 months ago I20180515-1440 I20180515-1620
  16. d25253b Bug 444188 - EclipsePreferences is not thread safe by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 months ago I20180515-0950 I20180515-1300
  17. fd57f9e Bug 444188: Fix concurrent access to listener collections by Vasili Gulevich · 7 months ago I20180515-0800
  18. 615d8cc Bug 532294 - Update platform to Jetty 9.4.10 by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 months ago I20180508-0800 I20180508-2000 I20180509-0800 I20180509-2000 I20180511-2000 I20180512-0830 I20180512-1500 I20180513-0800 I20180513-2000 I20180514-0800 I20180514-2000 S4_8_0_M7
  19. 659633d Bug 531393 - Allow Servlet 4.0 for org.eclipse.equinox.jsp.jasper by Raymond Auge · 4 months ago I20180501-2000 I20180502-0100 I20180502-2000 I20180503-0740 I20180503-2000 I20180504-2000 I20180505-1500 I20180506-0800 I20180506-2000 I20180507-0800 I20180507-0810 I20180507-2000 I20180507-2205
  20. 7721bc6 Bug 534238 - [http servlet] http.servlet loses include path in complex dispatching scenarios by Raymond Auge · 5 months ago