Equinox Framework

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  1. e8cdb06 Add usage tests by Thomas Watson · 36 hours ago master I20210115-1810 I20210116-0340 I20210116-1800
  2. bf36b48 Bug 570394 - Remove usage of deprecated PackageAdmin/StartLevel services by Thomas Watson · 2 days ago
  3. 6680e6f Binaries v20201225-0618 by Eclipse Releng Bot · 3 weeks ago I20201225-0130 I20201225-0450 I20201225-1800 I20201226-0940 I20201226-1800 I20201227-1800 I20201228-1800 I20201229-1800 I20201230-1800 I20201230-2150 I20201231-1800 I20210101-0720 I20210101-1800 I20210102-0600 I20210102-1800 I20210103-0600 I20210103-1800 I20210104-0600 I20210104-1800 I20210105-0600 I20210105-1800 I20210106-0600 I20210106-1800 I20210108-0220 I20210108-1800 I20210109-1830 I20210110-1800 I20210111-1800 I20210112-0850 I20210112-1800 I20210114-0310 I20210114-0510 I20210114-1800 S4_19_0_M1 Y20201225-1200 Y20201229-0040 Y20201229-1200 Y20210101-1200 Y20210105-1200 Y20210108-1200 Y20210112-1200 Y20210113-0120 Y20210115-1200
  4. 2131d5a Binaries v20201223-0857 by Eclipse Releng Bot · 4 weeks ago I20201223-1800 I20201224-1800
  5. ac49a91 Version increment for 4.19 by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 4 weeks ago
  6. 3de698e Revert "Bug 102239 - Environment variable substitution in <launcher>.ini/eclipse.ini" by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 4 weeks ago
  7. 568bf3e Bug 569603 - Micro version bumps needed for OSGi core packages by Thomas Watson · 6 weeks ago I20201209-1800 I20201210-1800 I20201211-1800 I20201212-1800 I20201213-1800 I20201214-1800 I20201215-1800 I20201216-2110 I20201217-1800 I20201218-1800 I20201219-1800 I20201220-1800 I20201221-1800 I20201222-1800 Y20201211-1200 Y20201215-1200 Y20201218-1200 Y20201222-1200
  8. a6d600e Bug 569323 - Version bumps for 4.19 stream by Alexander Kurtakov · 6 weeks ago I20201204-0830 I20201204-1800 I20201205-1800 I20201206-1800 I20201207-1800 I20201208-0300 I20201208-1800 I20201208-2310 Y20201204-1200 Y20201208-1200 Y20201209-0750
  9. 941ab82 Bug 569318 - POM and product version change for 4.19 release by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 7 weeks ago I20201204-0340 I20201204-0610
  10. e27d663 Bug 569322 - Update version number in mac's Eclipse.app for 4.19 by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 7 weeks ago
  11. 11fa29c Bug 567964 - Use Files.isReadable before falling back to File IO by Thomas Watson · 3 months ago R4_18_maintenance I20201030-1800 I20201031-1800 I20201101-1800 I20201102-1910 I20201103-0030 I20201103-1800 I20201104-1800 I20201105-0230 I20201105-1800 I20201106-0710 I20201106-1800 I20201107-0750 I20201107-1800 I20201108-1800 I20201109-1800 I20201110-1800 I20201111-1800 I20201112-1800 I20201113-1800 I20201114-0600 I20201114-0740 I20201114-1800 I20201115-0600 I20201115-1800 I20201116-0600 I20201116-1800 I20201117-0600 I20201117-1800 I20201118-0600 I20201118-1800 I20201119-0730 I20201120-0320 I20201120-1800 I20201121-0600 I20201121-1800 I20201122-0600 I20201122-1800 I20201123-0600 I20201123-1800 I20201124-0600 I20201124-1800 I20201125-0600 I20201125-1800 I20201127-0630 I20201127-1010 I20201127-1800 I20201128-0300 I20201128-0600 I20201128-1800 I20201129-0600 I20201129-1800 I20201130-0600 I20201130-1800 I20201201-0600 I20201201-1800 I20201202-0600 I20201202-1800 R4_18 S4_18_0_M3 S4_18_0_RC1 S4_18_0_RC2 Y20201031-1200 Y20201101-1200 Y20201102-1200 Y20201103-1200 Y20201104-1200 Y20201105-1200 Y20201106-1200 Y20201107-1200 Y20201108-1200 Y20201109-0220 Y20201109-1200 Y20201110-1200 Y20201111-0210 Y20201113-1200 Y20201117-1200 Y20201120-1200 Y20201124-1200 Y20201127-1200 Y20201201-1200
  12. 5f935ae Bug 567964 - Add debug trace for open/close operations by Thomas Watson · 3 months ago
  13. 157dd02 Nullcheck of value previously dereferenced by Carsten Hammer · 3 months ago I20201026-1850 I20201027-1800 I20201027-2350 I20201028-0020 I20201028-0130 I20201028-0610 I20201028-0800 I20201028-1800 I20201029-1800 Y20201026-1200 Y20201027-1200 Y20201028-1200 Y20201029-1200 Y20201030-1200
  14. c7becf2 The code contains a conditional test performed twice by Carsten Hammer · 3 months ago I20201023-0250 I20201023-1800 I20201024-1800 I20201025-0040 I20201025-1800 I20201026-0650 I20201026-0840 Y20201023-1200 Y20201024-1200 Y20201025-1200
  15. d7c024f Bug 567907 - JavaSE_compact3-1.8.profile has incorrect package for org.ietf.jgss by Thomas Watson · 3 months ago I20201015-1800 I20201016-0000 I20201016-1800 I20201017-1800 I20201018-1800 I20201019-1800 I20201020-0240 I20201020-1800 I20201021-0200 I20201021-1800 Y20201015-1200 Y20201016-1200 Y20201017-1200 Y20201018-1200 Y20201019-1200 Y20201020-1200 Y20201021-1200
  16. 8bfd133 Fix some SuppressWarnings. by Alexander Kurtakov · 4 months ago I20200915-1800 I20200916-0410 I20200916-1800 I20200917-1800 I20200918-1800 I20200919-1800 I20200920-1800 I20200921-1800 I20200922-1800 I20200924-0340 I20200924-0430 I20200924-1800 I20200925-1800 I20200926-1800 I20200927-1800 I20200928-1800 I20200929-1800 I20200930-1800 I20201001-1800 I20201002-1800 I20201003-0600 I20201003-1800 I20201004-0600 I20201004-1800 I20201005-0600 I20201005-1800 I20201006-0600 I20201006-0840 I20201006-1800 I20201007-0600 I20201007-1320 I20201007-1800 I20201009-0430 I20201009-0800 I20201009-1800 I20201010-1800 I20201011-1800 I20201012-0320 I20201012-0750 I20201012-1800 I20201013-1800 I20201014-1800 S4_18_0_M1 S4_18_0_M1a Y20200928-0600 Y20200928-0700 Y20200928-1200 Y20200929-0550 Y20200929-1200 Y20200930-1200 Y20201001-1200 Y20201002-1200 Y20201006-1200 Y20201008-1200 Y20201009-1200 Y20201010-1200 Y20201011-1200 Y20201012-1200 Y20201013-1200 Y20201014-1200
  17. b07a417 Build fragment string with StringJoiner instead StringBuilder by Mykola Nikishov · 1 year, 8 months ago
  18. 8ed35a8 Bug 567002 - Bump Launcher to Java 1.8 by Alexander Kurtakov · 4 months ago
  19. 3a37116 Binaries v20200910-0320 by Eclipse Releng Bot · 4 months ago I20200910-0100 I20200910-1800 I20200911-1800 I20200912-0010 I20200912-1800 I20200913-1800 I20200914-1800
  20. 35c6554 Bug 566133 - ensure valid characters in GDBus names. by Will Rogers · 4 months ago