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  1. 05e4162 remove moved code by Pascal Rapicault · 11 years ago master
  2. a16de9d Improved command line from Emmanuel and fix for up and down from me. by dleberre · 12 years ago
  3. 659857d added aligned property. by dleberre · 12 years ago
  4. 7d4ef24 Started working on the new version of the solver for MISC2012. by dleberre · 12 years ago
  5. 9ad14ae Merge branch 'master' of by dleberre · 12 years ago
  6. a94d739 git ignore stuff by DJ Houghton · 12 years ago R3_8_maintenance integration I20120328-1956 I20120328-2007 I20120328-2020 I20120328-2028 I20120403-2231 I20120404-0051 I20120404-1351 I20120404-2006 I20120404-2228 I20120405-0114 I20120405-1114 I20120405-1735 I20120405-2131 I20120406-0006 I20120406-0231 I20120406-0250 I20120406-0915 I20120406-0935 I20120406-2327 I20120407-0024 I20120407-0040 I20120407-0103 I20120407-0138 I20120407-0205 I20120407-0217 I20120407-0305 I20120407-0329 I20120407-0346 I20120407-0358 I20120407-1631 I20120407-1717 I20120407-1732 I20120407-1826 I20120407-1840 I20120407-1904 I20120407-1941 I20120407-2106 I20120407-2245 I20120407-2339 I20120408-0012 I20120408-0036 I20120408-0152 I20120408-0216 I20120408-0231 I20120408-0246 I20120408-0330 I20120408-1110 I20120408-1214 I20120408-1324 I20120408-1521 I20120408-2000 I20120408-2304 I20120409-0131 I20120409-0315 I20120409-0904 I20120409-0926 I20120409-1353 I20120409-1622 I20120409-1708 I20120409-1911 I20120409-1957 I20120409-2018 I20120409-2119 I20120409-2358 I20120410-0027 I20120410-0049 I20120410-0102 I20120410-0122 I20120410-0136 I20120410-0152 I20120410-0216 I20120410-0238 I20120410-0252 I20120410-0304 I20120410-0320 I20120410-0633 I20120410-1710 I20120410-2037 I20120410-2330 I20120411-0258 I20120411-0906 I20120411-1737 I20120411-2034 I20120416-1508 I20120416-1600 I20120416-1623 I20120416-1643 I20120416-1719 I20120416-1738 I20120416-2327 I20120417-0142 I20120417-0211 I20120417-0235 I20120417-0255 I20120417-0334 I20120417-0800 I20120417-1000 I20120418-0248 I20120419-1434 I20120424-0800 I20120424-1600 I20120424-1700 I20120425-0800 I20120425-1200 I20120425-1600 I20120426-0800 I20120426-1000 I20120426-1030 I20120427-0800 I20120427-1000 I20120428-0140 I20120428-0800 I20120428-1230 I20120429-1000 I20120429-1245 I20120429-1800 I20120429-2000 I20120430-1300 I20120430-1500 I20120430-1800 I20120430-2000 I20120502-0800 I20120502-1000 I20120502-1300 I20120502-1500 I20120502-1800 I20120502-2000 I20120503-1500 I20120503-1800 I20120509-1900 I20120509-2100 I20120510-1900 I20120510-2100 I20120511-1900 I20120511-2100 I20120511-2330 I20120512-1900 I20120512-1940 I20120512-2100 I20120513-0740 I20120513-1300 I20120513-1900 I20120513-2100 I20120514-1900 I20120514-2100 I20120515-1900 I20120515-2100 I20120515-2145 I20120515-2200 I20120515-2300 I20120516-1900 I20120516-2100 I20120517-1915 I20120518-1530 I20120518-1730 I20120518-2145 I20120518-2345 I20120519-1900 I20120519-2100 I20120520-1900 I20120520-2100 I20120521-1900 I20120521-2100 I20120522-1900 I20120522-2100 I20120523-1900 I20120523-2100 I20120524-2100 I20120524-2300 I20120525-1400 I20120525-1900 I20120526-1900 I20120527-1900 I20120527-2100 I20120528-1900 I20120528-2100 I20120529-1900 I20120529-2100 I20120530-1900 I20120530-2100 I20120531-0600 I20120531-1500 I20120601-1900 I20120601-2100 I20120602-1900 I20120602-2100 I20120603-1910 I20120603-2100 I20120604-1900 I20120604-2100 I20120605-1900 I20120605-2100 I20120606-1900 I20120606-2100 I20120607-1500 I20120608-1200 I20120608-1400 I20120625-2200 I20120626-1200 I20120627-0000 I20120703-0800 I20120710-0800 I20120717-0800 I20120724-0800 I20120725-1800 I20120731-0800 I20120801-1800 I20120805-2000 I20120806-0800 I20120806-2000 I20120807-0800 I20120807-2000 I20120808-0800 I20120808-2000 I20120810-1300 I20120812-1736 I20120814-0800 I20120821-0800 I20120828-0800 I20120904-0800 I20120911-1000 I20120916-2000 I20120917-0800 I20120917-2000 I20120918-0800 I20120918-2000 I20120918-2200 I20120919-0330 I20120919-0800 I20120919-2000 I20120920-1300 I20120925-0800 I20121002-0800 I20121009-0800 M20120626-1745 M20120626-2030 M20120627-0030 M20120627-0050 M20120705-1200 M20120705-1600 M20120712-1000 M20120712-1200 M20120719-1000 M20120719-1200 M20120720-1100 M20120720-1300 M20120726-1000 M20120726-1200 M20120802-1000 M20120802-1200 M20120809-1000 M20120809-1200 M20120815-1000 M20120815-1200 M20120816-1200 M20120822-1000 M20120822-1200 M20120829-1000 M20120829-1200 M20120905-1000 M20120905-1500 M20120905-1640 M20120905-2200 M20120905-2230 M20120905-2300 M20120909-2000 M20120912-1000 M20120912-1200 M20121003-1000 M20121003-1200 M20121008-1100 M20121010-1000 M20121010-1200 N20120416-1918 N20120417-1307 N20120417-1633 R3_8 R3_8_1 R4_2 R4_2_1 v20111116-2032
  7. 184ad5b renamed cvs ignore to git ignore. by DJ Houghton · 12 years ago
  8. 0eee480 Fix NPE in TelnetCommand by Lazar Kirchev · 12 years ago
  9. 985faa1 Bug 361410 - Compile org.eclipse.equinox.console bundles from rt.equinox.bundles by Thomas Watson · 12 years ago v20111023-0712
  10. fc3c7f9 Prevent a NPE if an error occurs before the dependencyHelper object is created. by dleberre · 13 years ago
  11. 6a14fd0 Refactor multiple CommandProcessors support. by Lazar Kirchev · 13 years ago v20111017-1646
  12. c9f670e Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// by Daniel Le Berre · 13 years ago
  13. 78a7681 Added new optimisation criteria versionchanged that represent the number by Daniel Le Berre · 13 years ago
  14. 0a02344 Revert "Testing the git hook." by Thomas Watson · 13 years ago
  15. c0b53c8 Testing the git hook. by root · 13 years ago
  16. 5c784ef Set default scope to equinox:* by Lazar Kirchev · 13 years ago
  17. 0a9412f Fix help command by Lazar Kirchev · 13 years ago
  18. ab8463e start required felix gogo bundles. by Thomas Watson · 13 years ago v20111003-1644
  19. 83fe4a3 Remove use of equinox internals. by Thomas Watson · 13 years ago
  20. 69b8e65 Remove unused message by Thomas Watson · 13 years ago