Equinox P2

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  1. 010cfe2 Bug 234509 - Create Equinox keystore fragment for Linux using gnome keyring by Thomas Watson · 18 hours ago master I20170426-2000
  2. 687c123 Bug 510497 - Installation dialog - Move "Find more software..." text to button by David Weiser · 3 months ago I20170425-2000
  3. 62551d8 Some mirroring tests use wrong Messages by Mykola Nikishov · 2 months ago I20170424-2000 I20170425-0215 I20170425-0240 I20170425-0700 I20170425-0910
  4. c635e53 Bug 514863: Use png files in org.eclipse.equinox.p2.ui by Matthias Becker · 2 weeks ago
  5. e40aaa1 bug 514495 - Certificate trust dialog ("Selection needed"): use "Accept by Fabian Pfaff · 4 weeks ago I20170414-2000 I20170415-2000 I20170416-2000 I20170417-2000 I20170418-2000 I20170419-0130 I20170419-0430 I20170419-2000 I20170420-2000 I20170421-2000 I20170422-0300 I20170422-2000 I20170423-2000 Y20170420-1000
  6. 9a21880 Bug 514807 - Avoid instantiation of empty array for processing steps by Karsten Thoms · 3 weeks ago I20170413-2000 Y20170413-1000
  7. 88b5ff0 Bug 514807 - [memory] Use EMPTY_STEPS always for empty processingSteps by Karsten Thoms · 3 weeks ago
  8. 54d2789 Fix javadoc on return value of LocationProperties's getArtifactFactorySearchOrder() by Mykola Nikishov · 3 months ago I20170403-2000 I20170404-0245 I20170404-0840 I20170404-2000 I20170405-0130 I20170405-0200 I20170405-0300
  9. 4033ed6 Bug 423715 - Rename checksum-related constants in SimpleArtifactRepository by Mykola Nikishov · 4 months ago I20170330-2000 I20170331-2000 I20170401-2000 I20170402-2000
  10. 5be3ee9 Bug 509401 - Create an artifact descriptor for a directory by Mykola Nikishov · 4 months ago
  11. f6f9c57 Bug 509401 - Don't hide I/O problems in ChecksumProducer's computeMD5(File) by Mykola Nikishov · 4 months ago
  12. 7c95450 Bug 509401 - Clean up ChecksumProducer's computeMD5(File) by Mykola Nikishov · 4 months ago I20170329-2000 Y20170330-1000
  13. 6493f6f Bug 514374 - Use verb in Security dialog for unsigned content by Lars Vogel · 4 weeks ago
  14. 5d80db7 Bug 513790 - Compiler warnings in I20170316-2000 after moving to M6 compiler by Andrey Loskutov · 5 weeks ago I20170322-2000 I20170323-2000 I20170324-2000 I20170325-2000 I20170326-2000 I20170327-2000 I20170328-2000
  15. dec2ef3 Bug 513248: POM Updates Required by Markus Keller · 7 weeks ago I20170308-0800 I20170308-2000 I20170310-2000 I20170311-2000 I20170312-2000 I20170313-2000 I20170314-2000 I20170315-0500 I20170315-2000 I20170316-2000 I20170317-2000 I20170318-2000 I20170319-2000 I20170320-2000 I20170321-2000 S4_7_0_M6 Y20170309-1000 Y20170316-0500 Y20170321-0120 Y20170321-2315
  16. f4840c3 Convert plain text in javadoc to a link by Mykola Nikishov · 3 months ago I20170208-2000 I20170209-2000 I20170210-0530 I20170210-0550 I20170210-0600 I20170210-0615 I20170210-2000 I20170211-2000 I20170212-2000 I20170213-2000 I20170214-2000 I20170214-2200 I20170215-2000 I20170216-0140 I20170216-2000 I20170217-2000 I20170218-2000 I20170219-2000 I20170220-2000 I20170221-2000 I20170222-2000 I20170223-2000 I20170224-2000 I20170225-2000 I20170226-2000 I20170227-2000 I20170228-0240 I20170228-0330 I20170228-2000 I20170301-2000 I20170302-2000 I20170303-2000 I20170304-2000 I20170305-2000 I20170306-0800 I20170306-2000 I20170307-0150 I20170307-0410 I20170307-0420 I20170307-0450 I20170307-0610 I20170307-0800 I20170307-2000 Y20170209-1000 Y20170216-1000 Y20170216-1450 Y20170216-1515 Y20170223-1000 Y20170302-1000
  17. e91df1a Replace assertTrue with assertThat by Mykola Nikishov · 3 months ago
  18. 5cde013 Assert that two object arrays are equal with JUnit's assertArrayEquals(Object[], Object[]) by Mykola Nikishov · 3 months ago
  19. 20e61d9 Bug 510206 - Please update to xz-java 1.5 by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 months ago
  20. 97db142 Bug 511299 - Update org.eclipse.equinox.p2.ui to Java 8 by Simon · 3 months ago I20170207-2000 I20170208-0700