Update to current Papyrus (2018-12)

- update MANIFEST.MF files for current Eclipse / Papyrus

- add a pathmap declaration for the ESF architecture-concepts profile

- migrate element-type configurations, delete .configuration file (old customization mechanism),
  add .architecture file (new customization mechanism)
- remove ESF specific wizard (should use standard Papyrus Wizard with ESF architecture context)
  update documentation accordingly, use a creation command that initializes a model from template
- do not create a copy of the initial model during import, use profile-externalization to avoid
  "polluting" the imported model with ESF specific stereotypes

Signed-off-by: Ansgar Radermacher <ansgar.radermacher@cea.fr>
Change-Id: Ie1c3146186114c4fb84ebfddb446ca017d4ea20f
70 files changed
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