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<title>Eclipse Gemini Blueprint</title>
<subtitle>Known Issues</subtitle>
<affiliation>SpringSource, division of VMware</affiliation>
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<year>2006 -</year>
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<preface id="preface">
This document describes known issues (and possible work-arounds). Each issue mentions the section of the reference
documentation that explain the behaviour along with the associated
<ulink url="">Bugzilla</ulink> entry which
provides an estimate on when it will be solved.
As a rule, the next Gemini Blueprint release aims to solve most, if not all of them.
<chapter id="known-issues">
<title>Known Issues</title>
<para>As a side note, it worth pointing out that the issues below are not really bugs but rather improvements.</para>
<section id="OSGI-237">
<title>Publishing prototypes as OSGi services</title>
<para>Due to the way OSGi platform deals with OSGi services (it caches the instance and returns it every time), prototypes are not fully supported.
Spring DM publishes a proxy that on each call, delegates back to the target application context for retrieving the instance. While with other beans
this works, in case of prototypes, this results in one-instance-per-invocation which is incorrect. Additional functionality needs to be added
to fully support prototypes even though, as pointed out, this involves a knowledge between Client/Server regarding the publication contract.</para>
<para>See <ulink url="">OSGI-237</ulink></para>