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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<FBType Name="E_D_FF" Comment="Event-driven Data(D)Latch" >
<Identification Standard="61499-1" Classification="Event processing" />
<VersionInfo Organization="Rockwell Automation" Version="0.2" Author="JHC" Date="2003-12-30" Remarks="Updated for 61499-1 CDV." />
<VersionInfo Organization="Rockwell Automation" Version="0.1" Author="JHC" Date="2002-01-29" Remarks="XML version" />
<VersionInfo Organization="Rockwell Automation" Version="0.0" Author="JHC" Date="2000-03-12" Remarks="SRC version" />
<CompilerInfo header="package;" >
<Compiler Language="Java" Vendor="IBM" Product="VisualAge" Version="3.0" />
<Event Name="CLK" Comment="Data Clock" >
<With Var="D" />
<Event Name="EO" Comment="Output Event when Q output changes" >
<With Var="Q" />
<VarDeclaration Name="D" Type="BOOL" Comment="Data Input" />
<VarDeclaration Name="Q" Type="BOOL" Comment="Latched Data" />
<ECC >
<ECState Name="Q0" Comment="Q is FALSE initially" x="282.35294" y="100.0" >
<ECState Name="RESET" Comment="Reset Q and issue EO" x="311.7647" y="658.8235" >
<ECAction Algorithm="LATCH" Output="EO" />
<ECState Name="SET" Comment="Latch and issue EO" x="888.2353" y="100.0" >
<ECAction Algorithm="LATCH" Output="EO" />
<ECTransition Source="Q0" Destination="SET" Condition="CLK&#38;D" x="541.17645" y="100.0" />
<ECTransition Source="SET" Destination="RESET" Condition="CLK&#38;(NOT D)" x="888.2353" y="329.41174" />
<ECTransition Source="RESET" Destination="SET" Condition="CLK&#38;D" x="311.7647" y="341.17645" />
<Algorithm Name="LATCH" >
<ST Text="Q:=D;&#10;" />