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# Copyright (c) 2004 - 2011 Eike Stepper (Berlin, Germany) and others.
# All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
# are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
# which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
# Contributors:
# Victor Roldan Betancort - initial API and implementation
# Eike Stepper - maintenance
# Stefan Winkler - Bug 285426: [DB] Implement user-defined typeMapping support
DBStore.0=dbConnectionProvider is null
DBStore.1=dbAdapter is null
DBStore.2=mappingStrategy is null
DBStore.3=idHandler is null
DBStore.9=Detected crash of repository {0}
DBStore.10=Repaired crash of repository {0}: lastObjectID={1}, nextLocalObjectID={2}, lastBranchID={3}, lastCommitTime={4}, lastNonLocalCommitTime={5}
DBStore.10b=Repaired crash of repository {0}: lastBranchID={1}, lastCommitTime={2}, lastNonLocalCommitTime={3}
DBStore.11=Repairing crash of repository {0} failed.
TypeMappingRegistry.1=No type mapping factory found for {0}: {1} --> DBType.{2}
TypeMappingRegistry.2=TypeMapping {0} annotated at feature {1} could not be found in registry.
TypeMappingRegistry.3=Runtime removal of ITypeMapping.Factory extensions is currently not supported.
TypeMappingRegistry.4=Duplicate source:target typeMapping pairs are currently not supported!
TypeMappingRegistry.5=Duplicate typeMapping ID: {0}
FactoryTypeParserException.1=Invalid format for typeMapping factoryType {0}
FactoryTypeParserException.2=EPackage {0} could not be resolved while registering typeMapping factoryType {1}
FactoryTypeParserException.3=EClassifier {0} could not be resolved while registering typeMapping factoryType {1}
FactoryTypeParserException.4=DBType {0} could not be resolved while registering typeMapping factoryType {1}