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README for TimeServiceConsumer.rosgi.ds.wss.noreg.product
The successful use of this provider for this example or
otherwise depends upon
Having a built, packaged, and installed version of these two
additional bundles:
a) java_websocket
b) ch.ethz.iks.r_osgi.transport.http
The source for these two bundles is available via the ECF github
Websockets repository located here:
Note that there is also a feature for building these two bundles via
eclipse via the feature project located in
Using EDEF Filediscovery to trigger TimeServiceConsumer discovery
When using the EDEF product configurations to trigger the discovery of the remote service,
it's necessary to manually start (via the console) the bundle with symbolic
To run the example within Eclipse
1) Launch the TimeService host (e.g. TimeServiceHost.ds.generic.noreg.product, from Eclipse product configuration editor Overview tab)
2) Launch the TimeService consumer (TimeServiceConsumer.ds.rosgi.wss.noreg.product, from Eclipse product configuration editor Overview tab)
3) In the consumer console, start the filediscovery/EDEF bundle..e.g.:
osgi> start
This should result in the discover and use of the TimeService...with output on the consumer similar to the following:
osgi> start
osgi> Discovered ITimeService via DS
Current time is: 1425262293841